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Wisdom tooth surgery

Lubbock Dental – Wisdom Tooth Surgery

It has been said that wisdom is never attained easily. Amusingly, this is reflected even when it comes to our teeth. Wisdom teeth, and the complications they usually come with, have garnered quite a reputation. Indeed, numerous connotations would suggest that wisdom teeth, and their removal through surgery, are a very risky and painful process.

I would like to suggest otherwise. Here at Lubbock Dental, I seek to provide my patients with the safest and most efficient experience they can have when it comes to wisdom tooth surgery. After all, the removal of wisdom teeth comes with a number of benefits. Let me give you some of them, which are just a few of many.

• Infected gums can pose a serious threat to your health. Infection can happen easily, especially in times when a tooth has only partially broken through your gums. This is because openings created due to a partial breach are very prone to bacterial infection. By having wisdom tooth surgery, you are saving yourself from this problem.
• Tooth Decay is something that is common among those who have not opted to go for wisdom tooth surgery. This is especially true when the tooth has only partially come out. Tooth decay happens simply because the wisdom tooth is extremely difficult to clean. As a result, cavities and the like form on the surface of your wisdom tooth. Again, this is easily avoided by going for wisdom tooth surgery.
• Crowding of teeth usually happens due to the emergence of wisdom teeth. Because they emerge after your permanent teeth have already positioned themselves, the emergence of a wisdom tooth causes your permanent teeth to lose their proper position. Not only does this make your teeth look awkward, they also become very difficult to clean, resulting in tooth decay and other similar problems.

Save yourself from the aggravation of dealing with wisdom teeth and their complications. I am a dentist in Lubbock TX that has the experience, the talent, and the heart to make sure that you never have to deal with the complications of your wisdom tooth ever again. Go for a wisdom tooth surgery with Lubbock Dental today!

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