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Orthodontics involves the treatment and prevention of teeth and facial irregularities. It is important to note that correcting teeth that are poorly positioned and fixing the alignment of the jaw are not simply a matter of vanity. Leaving these conditions unattended can actually bring problems for you down the road. Orthodontic work prevents future dental conditions such as weak enamel, tooth loss, or even difficulties in breathing.

If your teeth are crooked, they become extremely difficult to clean and maintain. As a result, they become prime targets for tooth decay, diseases of the gums, and other even more serious health concerns. Your jaw may seem unassuming, but improper alignment of face and jaw puts a lot of stress on the gum tissue and the bone supporting the teeth. This causes chronic headaches and or pains in the neck and face.

I am a dentist in the Lubbock TX area who offers full orthodontics for a very reasonable rate. I believe that everyone has the right to have the best dental care available to them without spending too much. Straight teeth can help you effectively bite, chew, and speak. Fixing the alignment of your face and jaw also lessens the chance of you having several serious physical problems. Of course, teeth that are straight and properly aligned also look better. Consider it as a pleasant side effect of orthodontic treatment.

The most prominent orthodontic treatment is the installation of braces. This enables the teeth to align and thus, fix any crookedness and prevent any diseases associated with the condition. With today’s technology and with the latest advancements in orthodontics, I am able to give my patients braces which are a lot less noticeable and a lot more efficient. Clear and colored braces are also available, for those who would like to have braces with style.

Give yourself the smile that you have always deserved. A great smile is one of the best assets a person can have. It contributes greatly to a person’s self-esteem, confidence, and self-image. You deserve all that, and more. Drop by my clinic and take the first step towards healthier and better looking teeth. Visit Lubbock Dental now!

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