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Though we maintain your teeth by brushing and flossing everyday, it still remains a very good idea to go to your dentist for a regular, routine cleaning. Numerous researches have concluded that there lies an important link between dental health and your overall health. Poor oral health has been linked to various grave diseases, from lung disease and diabetes to cardiovascular disease and cancer. Thankfully, we can easily avoid falling prey to these diseases by having our teeth cleaned regularly.

Here at Lubbock Dental, I offer regular cleanings to my clients. I make it a point that they do this regularly, especially more so because it is painless and it yields many benefits. Here are but a few:

Gum Disease Prevention – Cleanings remove plaque and tartar build up in the teeth. The presence of plaque in the teeth is the first step towards the development of gum disease. You are able to root out this risk by having your teeth cleaned regularly.
Detection of Diseases – I will not only clean your teeth and gums, I will also look for any signs of impending diseases. Many symptoms of grave diseases such as those mentioned above can go unnoticed if you don’t get your teeth cleaned regularly. You do not have to take that risk.
Better Appearance – Cleaning your teeth regularly leaves your teeth looking and feeling fresh and shiny. A single cleaning session is known to remove even stains such as those you get from coffee and tobacco. This also goes hand in hand with teeth whitening very well.
Better Savings – Cleanings are relatively cheap, and they prevent diseases which will cost a lot to treat in the future. Worse, many insurance policies do not cover the more expensive dental procedures. Save yourself the trouble by going for prevention rather than cure.

I am a Lubbock dentist who believes that the best way to deal with dental problems is by preventing them from happening in the first place. There is no better way to take the first step towards prevention than having your teeth cleaned regularly. Come visit my clinicand have your teeth cleaned now!

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