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Crown and Bridge

Lubbock Dental – Crown and Bridge

Our teeth suffer from regular wear and tear. As time goes by, the overall state of our teeth declines. It is only a matter of our lifestyle, and a bit of genetics, which determine how much degradation our teeth suffer along the way. To address this, there are many forms of treatments such as fillings which can restore the state of our teeth. However, there might be times when a tooth becomes too weak to survive with just a filling. This is where Crowns and Bridges come in.

Think of Crowns and Bridges as your teeth’s new lease on life. Both of these procedures are relatively simple, effective, and garner aesthetically pleasing results. Let me give you a simple overview of these two procedures, as well as their benefits.

Crowns – Once a tooth has reached a certain amount of decay, it is very likely for it to fracture and lose a considerable amount of tooth substance. Before the entirety of the tooth becomes compromised, a crown may be fitted in order for the tooth to be restored. In times when the tooth decays to the point of the crown not having anything to hold on to, a Post Crown may be fitted which could act as a seat for the crown.
Bridges – Lost teeth usually are usually handled by having dental implants or dentures installed. Bridges are the third, more convenient option. In simple terms, bridges are false teeth that are attached to the teeth immediately adjacent. Bridges are a great way to deal with missing teeth, especially more so when they work hand in hand with Crowns.

Lubbock Dental offers both these services with the assurance that your teeth will be taken care of in the best way possible. I am a Lubbock dentist with the experience, the tools, and the heart to offer you the best options regarding the treatment of your teeth. This is a guarantee I can give my clients; something that other dentists in Lubbock will be reluctant to give. Give your teeth another shot at life with Crowns and Bridges. Visit Lubbock Dental now!

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