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Cosmetic Dentistry

Lubbock Dental – Cosmetic Dentistry

There is a reason why a contestant’s smile is among the metrics in a beauty pageant. There are times when our smiles become more effective than language itself in communicating with others. Without a good smile, you simply cannot establish any lasting impressions or connections with other people.

It is no secret that the quality of your smile affects your very being. Thus, you should never neglect it. With the means available to us nowadays, there is simply no reason why anyone should not seek to have the perfect smile.

Here at Lubbock Dental, I can help you attain the best smile you can have. I offer premium cosmetic dentistry services without the huge cost procedures such as these usually require. Here are some of the procedures I can offer:

Whitening – Our teeth naturally lose their whiteness as we age. This is even more so for those who whose lifestyles include drinking coffee and smoking. Thankfully, this can easily be reversed through cosmetic dentistry. Check out the Whitening page in this site to find out more about this treatment.
Bonding – Bonding is the method of filling in chips and breaks in the front of teeth. The filling used in these procedures comes in many shades; hence, they blend in perfectly with the natural color of your teeth.
Veneers – Veneers are used to hide the defects of your teeth by coating it with a thin shell of porcelain in the tooth’s surface. Apart from being able to cover up breaks and stains, they can also be used to add prominence to your natural teeth. The changes from this procedure are nothing short of dramatic, and the best part? The effects last a very long time.

There was a time when cosmetic dentistry was available only to an elite few who can afford its stellar price. With my practice however, this has changed. I am a Lubbock dentist who believes that everyone has the chance to attain the best smile that they can have. Drop by my clinic and see for yourself! Get the best smile you have always dreamed of now!

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