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Oral Surgery


1. You have previously had your consultation and signed your consent forms

2. Please make arrangements for someone to drive you to your appointment and back home. You will also need someone to stay with you the day of your surgery.

3. You will need to fill your pre-medication prescription within 24 hours of the date issued.

4. Wear casual clothing, with loose fitting short sleeves which enables us to monitor blood pressure throughout the procedure.

5. Medications

a. Start taking the antibiotic prescribed to you the day before your surgery

b. No solid foods 6 hours prior to your surgery

c. 3 Hours prior to your surgery, you will need to take 2 Ativan with a small amount of water and a dry piece of toast or cracker



Do not disturb the wound by touching it with fingers, toothpick, or your tongue. It could result to irritation, bleeding, and infection. The blood clot that forms over the area is part of nature’s method of healing and should not be disturbed.


Some bleeding is expected. If it becomes excessive, place a rolled sterile gauze pad over the wound, close teeth together to keep pressure on gauze for 30 minutes. Remove gauze when bleeding stops. A small show of blood is normal. To help stop bleeding you can bite down on a wet tea bag. If you have any complications please call our office at (806) 792-9811.


No food or liquid for one hour after leaving the office. This allows the blood clot to form. After that, you should follow a soft diet. AVOID ALCOHOL, CARBONATED BEVERAGES, DRINKING STRAWS, MOUTHWASH, AND ALL TOBACCO PRODUCTS for 48 hours after surgery. Avoid all hot and hard foods.


No rinsing, swishing, or brushing near the extraction area 24 hours after the operation. After 24 hours, irrigate with syringe and Peridex, as instructed. NO MOUTHWASH FOR 48 HOURS!


To relieve and help prevent swelling, place an ice pack over the infected area for the first 24 hours. A hot pack can be used after that.


I request and authorize Dr. Johnson to perform the following procedure

Patient name
Parent or Legal Guardian

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